Distinguished career spanning 32 years.

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    Retired from policing as Detective Superintendent (head of homicide teams) career spanning 32 years.


AAFDA accredited

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    AAFDA (Advocacy against Domestic Abuse) accredited


Published Author

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    The gripping true story of how Detective Superintendent Julie Mackay brought Melanie Road’s murderer to justice.


Charity Missions Overseas

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    Self-funded to remote regions where girls miss their education


Disappearance of Nicola Bulley

On 27 January 2023, British woman Nicola Bulley disappeared from St. Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Lancashire Police have stated that there is no evidence of either suspicious activity or third party involvement in the disappearance , and their primary working hypothesis is that Bulley fell into the River Wyre.

On 19 February, her body was found in the river approximately one mile from where she was last seen. The following day, Lancashire Constabulary confirmed that the body was Bulley’s.

FEB 2023

CRIMECON LONDON IS BACK! 10th -11th June 2023

Julie will be speaking at CrimeCon 2023

CrimeCon is the World’s No.1 True Crime Event, a serious genre made immersive, engaging, and accessible.

Bringing together documentary makers, experts, podcasters and law enforcement professionals to meet with true crime enthusiasts

Delve deeper into cases, examine evidence and hear real life stories from survivors and victims’ families.


Retired from policing as Detective Superintendent

(head of homicide teams) after a distinguished career spanning 32 years.

Superintendent (head of homicide teams) after a
distinguished career spanning 32 years. Trained as a review officer, Senior Investigating Officer and with a passion for putting victims first I have continued to work in arenas that strives for improvement. I led the investigation that identified the killer of Melanie Road some 31 years after her murder.

I received Crown Court Commendations for bravery, work as an undercover officer and for leadership and an International award for a case involving DNA. Now trained as an independent author and Chair for Domestic Homicide Reviews I work as
an independent consultant conducting professional reviews.



KENYA: The Divinity Foundation.

Kenya with the divinity foundation. Educating girls and the wider Massai community around
FGM, personal and sexual health and sustainable sanitary wear.

PODCAST: Catching Melanie’s Killer

When Melanie Road’s body was found on a June morning in 1984, it prompted one of the largest manhunts in Britain. But the schoolgirl’s killer wasn’t found. How did a team of cold case officers rebuild the inquiry after decades and bring justice.

Crimecon UK June 2023

CrimeCon the world’s No1 true crime event, is back in 2023. The ultimate true crime weekend,

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    An experienced and engaging speaker with huge breadth and depth of experience
    that is of interest to a variety of audiences.

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    These trips are self-funded to remote regions

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    AAFDA (Advocacy against Domestic Abuse) accredited