AAFDA (Advocacy against Domestic Abuse) accredited 

Domestic Homicide Review DHR-10:
Domestic Homicide Review DHR- 08:

Expert witness for HM Coroner Inquests for Anthony Walgate, Daniel Whitworth, Gabriel Kovari, Jack Taylor: all victims of serial killer Stephen Port. This review was into practices policies and actions by officers investigating the individual deaths. I received recognition from HM Coroner Munro and there have been subsequent changes in national policy around the investigation in to unexplained and suspicious deaths.

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AAFDA (Advocacy against Domestic Abuse)

Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse (AAFDA) is a independent and unique organisation offering specialist and expert Advocacy and peer support after fatal domestic abuse.

We are Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse (AAFDA) Ltd and we are a Centre of Excellence for reviews after domestic homicide. Founded in 2008, AAFDA provide specialist and expert advocacy and specialist peer support to families and friends bereaved by domestic homicide, domestic abuse related suicides and unexplained deaths. We work on behalf of families and friends to ensure their loved one’s voice is heard.

We also offer training, information, guidance and advice to professionals involved in cases of fatal domestic abuse.

We are independent, a registered charity and we work nationally.