Julie Mackay

Retired from policing as Detective Superintendent (head of homicide teams) after a
distinguished career spanning 32 years. Trained as a review officer, Senior Investigating
Officer and with a passion for putting victims first I have continued to work in arenas that
strives for improvement. I led the investigation that identified the killer of Melanie Road
some 31 years after her murder.

I received Crown Court Commendations for bravery, work as an undercover officer and for
leadership and an International award for a case involving DNA.

Now trained as an independent author and Chair for Domestic Homicide Reviews I work as
an independent consultant conducting professional reviews.

I have significant media experience as an in-house crime/homicide expert and advisor and
the co-author of a best-selling book “To Hunt a Killer”

I also do voluntary work abroad focussing on Violence Against Women and Girls and
providing sustainable sanitary wear to enable continued education. These remote missions
expand cultural knowledge and understanding and improve international engagement.

To Hunt A Killer Quickfire

Interview by Robert Murphy

‘To Hunt A Killer’ book. Quickfire interview with Julie Mackay and Robert Murphy. How she found the killer Christopher Hampton, the murderer of Melanie Road. Operation Rhodium.

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The gripping true story of how Detective Superintendent Julie Mackay brought Melanie Road’s murderer to justice.

Detective Sergeant Julie Mackay, a 41-year-old single mother of three who has been overlooked for promotion for years, transfers to the Cold Case Unit. She unearths a file from the original inquiry and becomes hooked by the details: the rare blood type, Bath on a summer’s night, the investigative wrong turns … She takes on the case, and with the help of Melanie’s inspirational mother works tirelessly to rebuild it.

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